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I’m on vacation for a few days. I had intended post something for you to chew on in my absence, but it turned out to be a rather heavy topic and I just couldn’t quite manage to finish it satisfactorily before I left. But I will be busy walking a league in the beautiful Land of Enchantment, so don’t think I’m neglecting my adventuring duties.

In the meantime, I really would love to hear suggestions on what actor would make the quintessential Allan Quatermain. (Or actress; I feel like Cate Blanchett was the best Bob Dylan in I’m Not There.) What’s that you say? You haven’t read the novel? You don’t have a very good grip on this Quatermain guy? No matter! You can’t possibly do any worse than Hollywood has already done by selecting Sam Worthington (no offense to you personally, of course, Sam). Why, even Larry David would be an step in a more suitable direction… So don’t be bashful!

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One League Into the East

Contest winner John T. Woods provided this clever graphical depiction of his journey. "One League Into the East" even sounds like a pretty ripping good yarn by M. Verne. Well done!

Friend and neighbor John T. Woods (or Jaunty, as I like to call him) hoofed it along Wilshire Blvd. here in Los Angeles, and went approximately 3.01 miles (according to Mapquest). That’s .01 more than the official modern understanding of a league. The table of measurements the prefaces 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea indicates that in Verne’s usage, a league is equivalent to 2.16 miles.

So congrats, Jaunty, you walk faster than a Frenchman.

Not surprisingly, at the end of his league, Jaunty wished he had a horse on which to test a league on the way back! (Incidentally, if anyone can test out a horse’s distance walked in one hour, I’d be very interested to have that data.)

This result effectively closes the Walk a League contest. However, if anyone is feeling like a scenic walk, I still welcome any data. I still plan to walk a league, and will report my findings here at AOM once I do. So don’t feel discouraged! Summon up that spirit of adventure I know you have (since you’re here), and walk a league!

Meanwhile, if you still want a print there are currently 19 more available for purchase at StBernART, my store, which is located at the top of my website, StBernardsPass.com (just click on the red tab that says store!). Get ’em while they last…

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I’m still alive! It’s been two weeks since I last posted, and on the internet that’s an eternity, I know. But I’m still here. Lately I’ve been sinking a lot of energy into getting my design blog, Design Intervention, up to speed at Tumblr. Also, I’ve been trying to work out the particulars of printing and selling and giving away one of these 20K Leagues Under the Sea covers I designed (and you voted on). So don’t give up on Adventures of the Orange Monk just yet. I will announce a contest where you can win a 20KLUTS print absolutely free! The details will appear here first, so if you want the edge in the contest keep tuning in. After that, I’ll make a plug on Facebook, The Orange Monk’s Squire, and finally Design Intervention.

Until then — let’s get going on King Solomon’s Mines. Hoping to keep up the tradition of designing original art for the novels read and discussed on this site, I’ve decided to post a little bio on author H. Rider Haggard in a format which can easily slide into the “author flap” template in the future:

H. Rider Haggard

H. Rider Haggard

Henry Rider Haggard (b. 1856 – d. 1925) was an author of Victorian adventure novels. English born, Haggard lived and worked in South Africa for many years and his knowledge of the land and its cultures add depth to the exotic locales featured in his stories. One of the founders of the Lost World genre, his Allan Quatermain character (King Solomon’s MinesAllan Quatermain) served as the template for George Lucas’ and Steven Spielberg’s Indiana Jones character.
Another of his most famous works, She: A History of Adventure, is one of the best-selling novels of all time, and is generally regarded as a classic of imaginative fiction. Haggard has inspired generations of writers such as Robert E. Howard (Conan the Barbarian) and Edgar Rice Burroughs (Tarzan), and with his continued popularity (Allan Quatermain was featured heavily in both the graphic novels and the film of The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen) he will doubtlessly influence storytellers— and dazzle readers —for generations to come.”

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The Orange Monk with a Fin Whale

Catch of the Day: The Orange Monk pictured with the skeleton of a fin whale

I don’t have the energy for paraphrasing, so I’ll just quote the informational placard at the Los Angeles Natural History Museum, where this photo was snapped by that intrepid shutterbug, Hurricane Camile:

Reaching lengths of up to 85 feet and weighing up to 80 tons, the fin whale is the second largest species of whale (the blue whale is the largest, measuring up to 100 feet). Despite their large size, fin whales are surprisingly fast swimmers, earning them the nickname of “greyhounds of the sea.” Fin whales feed on small shrimp-like animals called krill and on small schooling fish, consuming up to one ton of prey per day. Like other large whales, they were hunted for their meat, blubber, and the filtering structure in their mouths called baleen. They are still listed as an Endangered Species, but fin whales have been slowly increasing their number since commercial whaling was suspended in 1986.”

Furthermore, I believe Captain Nemo would classify the fin whale as a “good” whale, and not an “evil” one.

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20,000 Leagues Around the World in 80 Tons

I wanted to draw your attention to my “sidekick blog” over on Tumblr, The Orange Monk’s Squire. It’s basically a pictorial digest of the articles posted here. I originally set it up as a way to generate more traffic here, but Tumblr’s easy-to-use “reblog” feature means that the Squire has been collecting some adventure-themed images that aren’t necessarily being posted here.

If you’re a Tumblr user, I invite you to follow me. If you’re not, feel free to stop by whenever you want. You can use it as an alert system to let you know about new articles being posted here. Of course, you can also navigate to the Orange Squire from this blog, using the link I’ve added in the sidebar under “Allies.” Either way, I certainly hope that you’ll continue to visit AOM and participate in the conversation about adventure literature.

Happy exploring!

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The Orange Monk Reads

The elusive Orange Monk is seen miles above sea level in a Southwest Airlines aeroplane, en route to the Land of Enchantment, charging through M. Verne's nautical novel. (Photographed by his own girlfriend, Hurricane Camile, of Blurts fame.)

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