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I’m on vacation for a few days. I had intended post something for you to chew on in my absence, but it turned out to be a rather heavy topic and I just couldn’t quite manage to finish it satisfactorily before I left. But I will be busy walking a league in the beautiful Land of Enchantment, so don’t think I’m neglecting my adventuring duties.

In the meantime, I really would love to hear suggestions on what actor would make the quintessential Allan Quatermain. (Or actress; I feel like Cate Blanchett was the best Bob Dylan in I’m Not There.) What’s that you say? You haven’t read the novel? You don’t have a very good grip on this Quatermain guy? No matter! You can’t possibly do any worse than Hollywood has already done by selecting Sam Worthington (no offense to you personally, of course, Sam). Why, even Larry David would be an step in a more suitable direction… So don’t be bashful!


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Richard Burton in "The Spy Who Came In From The Cold"

Richard Burton as Alec Leamas, The Spy Who Came In From the Cold (Ritt, 1965)

This past week I’ve been in Berlin, Germany on business — and that’s the reason activity at this blog has slowed to a stand-still. Never fear, though! I have returned, and will be ramping up speed at this blog again. Keep tuning in: find out which 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea book cover emerged victorious in the poll, and find out how to win a print. Also, stay tuned for discussions on King Solomon’s Mines, by H. Rider Haggard.

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20,000 Leagues Around the World in 80 Tons

I wanted to draw your attention to my “sidekick blog” over on Tumblr, The Orange Monk’s Squire. It’s basically a pictorial digest of the articles posted here. I originally set it up as a way to generate more traffic here, but Tumblr’s easy-to-use “reblog” feature means that the Squire has been collecting some adventure-themed images that aren’t necessarily being posted here.

If you’re a Tumblr user, I invite you to follow me. If you’re not, feel free to stop by whenever you want. You can use it as an alert system to let you know about new articles being posted here. Of course, you can also navigate to the Orange Squire from this blog, using the link I’ve added in the sidebar under “Allies.” Either way, I certainly hope that you’ll continue to visit AOM and participate in the conversation about adventure literature.

Happy exploring!

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The Scavengers

One of the destinations Professor Aronnax gets to tour whilst aboard the Nautilus, is the mythical city of Atlantis. The other day, I sat down to write an entry on Atlantis, but I paused when I found myself navigating to Wikipedia. Sure, I could do a quick search and regurgitate my findings for you, dearest readers—and there will be times when I will still have to resort to that tactic! But on this topic, at least, I realized I knew two more knowledgeable souls than myself. So I concluded it was time the Orange Monk ended his solitary life of adventure, and began a brotherhood. Professor Trace Rhodes and Doctor A.D. Hawke are the latest members of this brand new league of extraordinary gentlepeople, and the Orange Monk looks forward to increasing his flock.

Nick and Nora Charles

Nick and Nora: making marriage actually seem fun and sexy since 1934

Despite their differing surnames, Rhodes and Hawke are a married couple, finding their combined efforts to be more effective. In this way, they continue a fine tradition of husband-and-wife adventure duos, such as Nick and Nora Charles. Together, they style themselves “the Scavengers,” a sly play on yet another adventuring (if not romancing) couple: I mean, of course, Ms. Peel and Mr. Steed of that very modish duo, “The Avengers.” There’s a liberal dash of Indiana Jones-type archaeologist-adventurer in each of them, as well.

The Orange Monk first became acquainted with Rhodes and Hawke (in that order) when they were single-but-eyeing-one-another at the University of Southern California. They have since relocated “back east,” but they continue to be my go-to people when it comes to matters of Classics or antiquities. Or matters photographical or museum-ological, for that matter. And certainly when it comes to matters Bacchanal, as Dr. Hawke is the author of Oenological Odyssey, the blog I have linked to in my “Allies” section to the right, where he chronicles his (sometimes mis)adventures with wine-consuming and wine-making.

The Avengers

The Avengers: It's swingin' London in the '60s, baby... but which way is Mr. Steed meant to swing?

Clearly, I would be hard-pressed to imagine anyone more suited to the task of introducing us to Atlantis. They have very kindly agreed to do so, and their article is appearing soon at this very blog, so keep your eyes “Peel”-ed.


The Scavengers in Sims3

"The Scavengers" (SIMulation)

Can’t wait? If you happen to be one of those geeks (as I am) who owns and plays The Sims 3, you can actually download Prof. Rhodes and Dr. Hawke, and set them upon simulated adventures. Download Trace Rhodes and A.D. Hawke individually, or download them together as a household.

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The Orange Monk Reads

The elusive Orange Monk is seen miles above sea level in a Southwest Airlines aeroplane, en route to the Land of Enchantment, charging through M. Verne's nautical novel. (Photographed by his own girlfriend, Hurricane Camile, of Blurts fame.)

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